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Are you finally ready to get your life and all that stuff around you under control?
Are you tired of always being late because you can never find anything on time?
Are you embarassed to have friends over?
Do you find yourself making excuses for being late returning things?
Getting organized will address all of those things!  It will free your mind of constantly stressing over the clutter and thereby directly affecting every aspect of your life.  Your relationships suffer, you become depressed and overwhelmed, and being surrounded with clutter will just muddle everything in your head.  I am here to help you and together we can work through whatever is making your life less than the best.  I work under strict confidentiality.  There is no shame is using my services.  People all over, in all classes, in all kinds of cirumstances have asked for help just like you.  I do not judge you or your situation, but I will help you find the causes of the situation and offer my guidance and support with finding a remedy.
I mainly work with residential clients and can address any clutter issues you face in all areas of your home.  I do expect clients to play an active role in this process.  My services are not wholly based on organizing your things, but also in developing systems that work best for you and how you operate.  Your active participation is also vital in making our time together more efficient. 
Other Services:
* Senior Relocating (Downsizing)
* Moving (getting house ready for sale)
* Unpacking (setting things up properly in your new home)
* Garage Sale Prep
* Holiday Prep/Storing
* Estate Sales
* Going through a deceased loved-one's belongings, removing them, storing them, donating them or selling them.
* Room Redesign or Transformation
* Phone Consultations
* Family Meetings/Group Consultation
* Photo/Collection Documenting
* Home Office
Even if you only need a few small things done here and there for the purpose of maintaining of an already organized space or if you just need some fresh perspective and need a change, I can still help you.
Since all projects are different and may require more work, I do not
quote prices without first consulting with a client.
I do offer discounted packages and referral credits.  My minimum fee for an initial session is based on the 5 hour project rate.  After the initial session, I will book sessions with a 3 hour minimum.  I also offer special project rates during certain times of the year.  Seniors, disabled citizens and Franklin residents will also receive a discount.
Depending on the project and your budgetary concerns, we may have to spread your sessions out over a longer period of time.  The more you help with the project and keep things in order between my visits, the shorter the project time and the more money you save.
Remember: You can not place a value on your peace of mind and the freedom that this service will bring into your life.  It will ultimately save you time, money and stress.  This is an investmentin your future!  You owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to make the most of your time and to be happy. 
Miki Skinner
The Neat Solution
(615) 372-4895