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Hallway - Before
Hallway- After
Living - Before
Living - After 
"I cannot say enough good things about Miki and what she has done for me.  I live with my daughter and her family and space is limited. She came up with solutions for me that I had never considered.  It has completely changed the way I sleep and function in that space now."
                                                   - Sandra B.
Bedroom - Before
Miki Skinner
The Neat Solution
This project was especially fun for me.  I spent about 25 hours over the course of 3 days while the client was out of town.  She had just moved in with her daughter about a month before and had virtually nothing unpacked or in any kind of order.  Since this was a much smaller space than she had prior, she wasn't even sure where to start or what to unpack.  I was able to put all of her memorabilia, pictures, books and collections on the shelves where she could appreciate them and other things neatly tucked away where she could get to them easily.  And with some rearranging of the furniture,  it was complete.  She told me later on that she truly enjoys it now and welcomes visitors.  It is also easy to maintain. 
Thank you Sandra for letting me share your story.