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Thank you for visiting The Neat Solution on the web. Hopefully, you will find something of interest here and will come back often. My goal is to provide helpful information about getting organized and to inspire those who think that being organized is unattainable.   
  - Miki Skinner, Professional Organizer
 Top 3 Reasons - 
         Why consumers say they hire an organizer:
                       "I need more time in the day!" (34%)
                       "I have difficulty determining what to save." (25%)
                       "I have trouble finding things." (23%)

Most of you will fall into at least one of those 3 categories, but there are still MANY other reasons why people enlist the services of a Professional Organizer. 

Hiring a Professional Organizer can help you in your quest to achieving organization both in your home and in your life. Being organized reduces stress, frustration, and anxiety while giving you more time to focus on things like family and enjoying life.

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